Flavortown is an EQEmu Progression Server that will progress from Classic through Planes of Power. Currently, the server is in the Shadows of Luclin era.

Our goal is to have fun with the adventure and nostalgia of these classic EverQuest eras together, without grinding like it’s a full-time job.

Quality of Life Features

To make the fun of EverQuest accessible to adults with actual lives in the modern day, our server provides some “quality-of-life enhancements,” including:

  • play 3 characters simultaneously
  • classic items like Manastone, Guise of the Deceiver, and Circlet of Shadows
  • increased exp rate
  • several options for cloning or reproducing characters from other servers
  • double-exp holidays
  • out-of-combat regen
  • extended target window
  • soulbinders
  • translocators
  • raid instances
  • single-group your epic quest with custom instances
  • convenience gear on new characters
  • less painful (but still balanced) super-rare spawns and drops
  • NPC jewelcrafter for resist gear (at a premium)

Character Cloning & Transfer

If you want to continue to play your favorite EQ characters from other servers on Flavortown, we have a few different options for cloning or transferring your character.

Find out more about character cloning & transfer >

We are LIVE!

As of April 13, 2019, Flavortown is fully live and open to the public.

Our Community Commitment

A lot of the fun of EverQuest comes from you, the players. While this is a free EQEmu hobby server, we recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy server community.

We pledge to put our players and server community first. This includes:

  • provide clear ways to notify staff of bug reports, feedback/complaints, and in-game conflicts that are reviewed by a real person
  • publish release notes on this website describing all player-visible changes made to the server
  • server updates/reboots happen around the players’ schedule

Games are supposed to be fun, and having fun is our north star.

Server Stability

Our server community is important, and we want to make sure that this server project doesn’t die unexpectedly due to lack of admin attention or lack of resources as others have.

To further this goal:

  • server has been running continuously since April 2019
  • it’s a priority to provide our players with self-service options and automatic systems so that our GMs and Guides don’t burn out