Dev Updates 3/20

  • The spells Splurt and Curse of the Spirits (on the Spear of Fate) no work as intended.
  • Restored Plane of Hate to v1.0 and updated the spell Alter Plane: Hate to match.
  • Verified that Plane of Hate mobs spawn and drop loot.
  • Verified the basics in Plane of Sky (teleport pads work and are keyed correctly, mobs spawn and drop loot, quest NPCs work)
  • Iksar Shamans can now wear most of the same gear as Human Shamans, except for deity-specific or race-specific items.
  • Verified that Iksar Necromancers and Monks can wear the same gear as their Human counterparts (no changes made).
  • The Froglok Hunter will now wander around the same general territory as the Froglok Forager.
  • “Fabled” NPCs will no longer spawn.
  • Fewer denizens of Sebilis will see invis/hide now.