Dev Updates 4/7

  • NPCs related to the revamped quest for the Key to Veeshan’s Peak have been removed from Skyfire Mountains.
  • “Fabled” NPCs will no longer spawn (again).
  • The Myconid Spore King will now drop his fungus-covered loot a bit more often. Feedback on these drops are welcome.
  • NPCs will no longer cast unresistable charm spells on players.
  • The Eternal Fieri will now set your Sense Heading skill to 200 and all Specialization skills (if applicable to your class) to 50.
  • Rubicite armor now has a fixed chance to drop from any NPC level 16 or higher in Permafrost. When the zone of Cazic Thule is restore to its pre-revamp state, Rubicite will be moved there.
  • In-game mail messages have been tested and are now available.
  • Special Outfitter merchants are now available for players who can’t restore their character(s) using Clone-A-Character. These are single-use merchants that you can use to re-gear your character(s) with equipment that will get you ready for Kunark raids (including epics). To use the Outfitters, just make a level 1 character and post in #help on Discord.
  • Resists for calm/harmony and charm spells have been reviewed and adjusted towards classic behavior. Allure is no longer effectively unresistable. Calm spells now have appropriate (but nicer-than-classic) level limits. Feedback on charm and calm spell mechanics is very welcome, and we’ll continue to adjust as needed.