Clone-A-Character can automatically level your character and reproduce your equipment, inventory, bank, and spells from backup files that you create using the EverQuest game client.


  • Only works on level 1 characters
  • Level 57 maximum. Staff will assist with higher levels.
  • Only reproduces equipped items usable by your race, class, and deity
  • Certain high-end raid loot will not be reproduced automatically
    • Contact a Guide in-game or post in #help on Discord and staff will help you reproduce these items.
    • Proof-of-ownership (a reasonably high-res screenshot) may be required
  • Combat Disciplines are not automatically cloned; Tomes can be purchased in the Library in the Plane of Knowledge
  • To fix your skills after using Clone-A-Character, talk to The Eternal Fieri in the Plane of Knowledge
  • To restore trade skills, please post in #help or contact a Guide
  • This system only works with the ROF2 client. The Titanium client is not supported.


First, you will need to login to and backup each character you’d like to clone:

  1. Login to your character
  2. Run the command: /outputfile inventory
  3. Run the command: /outputfile spellbook
  4. Take screenshots with proof-of-ownership of any high-end items

Repeat for each character you want to clone. These commands create backup files in your EverQuest folder that you will upload to Clone-A-Character using the form at the bottom of this page. The files are named <Name>-Inventory.txt and <Name>-Spellbook.txt.

Next, re-create your characters on Flavortown. Make sure your race, class, and deity match your original character. Gender and starting city do not need to match. After you create each character, log out.

Finally, submit your Clone-A-Character request below, wait 2 minutes, and log back in. That’s it!

Important Notes

  • A level 1 Flavortown character must exist with the same name in order to clone.
  • All inventory and bank items on this character will be deleted
  • You must log out of Flavortown before proceeding; cloning will fail in strange ways if you are logged in
  • If you make a mistake, just re-create your level 1 character and try again

If you have any problems, just post in #help on Discord.

Submit a Clone-A-Character Request