The Early Adopter period has ended now that Flavortown is in Beta testing. Please use our Automated Clone-A-Character system to level and re-gear your characters from now on.

Players who join the server during alpha testing are considered early adopters. Since the NPCs to automate the process of char reproduction are not yet complete, we’ve provided you with some goodies so you can get started on your own.

All early adopters have access to certain GM commands during alpha testing so you can reproduce your own character. Fashion quest is tempting, but keep in mind that there is fun in developing your characters too.

You can use the following commands to get started:

#level <n>Level yourself to any level 1-60
#maxskillsSets all your skills to their maximum allowed value
#search <words>Search for items by partial name
#si <id>Summons and item onto your cursor by ID (from
#helpShow available server commands or help

If you need assistance, please ask in the #getting-started channel on Discord!

Once we enter beta testing, any player-summoned out-of-era items will removed from the game.