To play on the Flavortown server, you will need to install the EverQuest RoF2 client and our server patcher.

  1. Download the EQ RoF2 client zip file
    • If you already have a copy of “everquest_rof2.rar” or .zip, you can use that without waiting for another long download
  2. Unzip the client
  3. Rename the folder from “everquest_rof2” to “Flavortown” (or whatever you want)
  4. Download the Flavortown Patcher and place it in the same folder
  5. Double click on FlavortownPatcher.exe to run the patcher and update your client files
    • if you encounter any errors, right-click on FlavortownPatcher.exe and choose “Run As Administrator”

We recommend that you use the patcher to launch the game every time. This will ensure that your client always stays up-to-date.

Creating an Account

Flavortown participates in the community. To manage your account(s), go to their website and use the links under “Loginserver Accounts.”

Problems with Anti-Virus Software

Sometimes, anti-virus programs (especially Windows Defender) quarantine the patcher as a suspicious program because it may attempt to delete program files (it deletes unnecessary .dll files).

If you do not have any anti-virus other than the built-in Windows Defender, we strongly recommend that you install one of the many higher-quality, free anti-virus programs available. One that we recommend is Bitdefender Antivirus Free, which has been tested and works with the patcher.

Manual Patching

If the patcher does not work for you, you can download all the updated client files in a single zip file together. Unzip the file and read the README file for instructions.

Copy Your Hotkeys, UI Settings, & Maps

It’s easy to copy your custom settings from another EQ client if you like!

  1. Exit the game
  2. Copy the following files and folders from your original client folder into your Flavortown client folder:
    • Maps
    • uifiles
    • eqclient.ini
    • <CharName>_LoNorrath.ini
    • UI_<CharName>_LoNorrath.ini
  3. Rename <CharName>_LoNorrath.ini to <CharName>_Flavortown.ini
  4. Rename UI_<CharName>_LoNorrath.ini to UI_<CharName>_Flavortown.ini

Transfer or Reproduce Your Characters

Have characters on other EQEmu servers? Want to bring a group of friends over together? We have options to help you.

Check out our character cloning, reproduction, and transfer options >

Need Help?

If you encounter any problems or need help, please ask in the #getting-started channel in Discord.