• use your best judgement in all cases
  • when in doubt, ask for help!
  • err on the side of letting people have fun
  • assume the player is honest until they demonstrate otherwise
  • don’t be afraid to escalate to a GM or ask questions; we’re here to help each other too

Shift Expectations

During a Guide shift, you are expected to:

  • be on Discord and logged into the game
  • have your GM flag on (#gm on)
  • be visible to players (#hideme off)
  • respond to player issues on Discord or via in-game /tells
  • monitor and respond to the petition queue
  • may use /role to hide your current zone, but staff should never be /anon
  • Guide/GM characters may wear any items they wish, including out-of-era items

Common Requests

  • stuck character
  • corpse problems (lost, under-the-world, unobtainable)
  • quest issues (failed turn-in, lost items)
  • lost items (accidentally sold to merchant, destroyed)
  • in-game conflicts
  • IP exemptions for multiple players (escalate to a GM)

Off-Duty Rules

If you log in a Guide or GM character when you are not on-duty, you are expected to:

  • turn off your GM flag (#gm off)
  • use #hideme on if appropriate
  • avoid performing customer-service tasks


Guides assist players with character cloning details that are not handled by the automatic Clone-A-Character system. This includes:

  • fixing trade skills
  • reproducing restricted or high-end items
  • leveling beyond level 57

If the player requesting help is not known to you, we generally require proof-of-ownership in the form of an unmodified, clear screenshot before providing these services. This is entirely up to your judgement.

If a player reports that Clone-A-Character isn’t working for them, escalate to Sulien.

If a player requests help fixing skills other than trade skills, please refer them to the NPC The Eternal Fieri in the Plane of Knowledge near the stone bank. The NPC service costs 5000 platinum; Guides are free to reimburse players for the cost.

Character Outfitters

Outfitters are special NPC merchants designed to allow a player to gear up a brand new character for Kunark and Velious raids. This is an alternative for players who cannot use Clone-A-Character for any reason.


  • A player is allowed to Outfit a maximum of 3 characters
  • GMs/Guides may not provide additional Outfitter Coins under any circumstances
  • Players may request additional items not present on the merchants: all such requests are up to your judgement if they are reasonable


  1. The player creates their character normally
  2. Use the #level command to set the character’s level (up to L57 max)
  3. Summon an Outfitters Token for the character by targeting them and using the command #giveitem 99992

That’s it! When the player clicks on the Outfitters Token they will be teleported to the Outfitters and given a fixed amount of alt. currency to spend.

No Customer Service Zones

Guides are not permitted to provide any customer service of any kind in the zones listed below, other than to act as a witness and gather information. Immediately escalate any issues from these zones to a GM (use the #urgent channel if you judge it appropriate).

  • Plane of Sky
  • Plane of Hate
  • Plane of Fear
  • Veeshan’s Peak
  • Plane of Growth
  • Temple of Veeshan
  • Sleeper’s Tomb
  • Vex Thal
  • Plane of Time

Handling In-Game Conflicts

Guides are not expected to address or resolve in-game conflicts themselves unless they feel completely comfortable doing so in the particular situation. It is important that server staff handle conflicts calmly and objectively. By default, escalate to a GM.

We do ask that Guides observe in-progress conflicts as witnesses to help GMs verify the incident:

  • Immediately stop handling any lower-priority issues
  • Go invisible: #hideme on
  • Go to the location of the conflict
  • Verify that a conflict is happening
  • Immediately post a message in the #urgent Discord channel summarizing the issue, even if handling it yourself
  • Note the primary player(s) involved and take screenshots of the incident

GM Escalation

To escalate an issue, post a description of the issue and the player(s) involved in either #admin-chat or #urgent (as you judge appropriate) and mention @GMs. Remember to provide the petition number.

For in-game conflicts or urgent issues, post in the #urgent channel on Discord and mention @GMs. Sulien will always receive a notification of these messages, even if he’s offline.

Player Appeals

If a player disagrees with your resolution and wishes to appeal, inform them that they can appeal by sending Sulien a DM on Discord.

Guide Command Refernce

In-game commands often work on your current target. Double-check your target first if things aren’t working.

Please be aware that every use of a #-command is logged by the server.

#gm [on|off]Turns your GM flag (green name) on/off. While your flag is on, NPCs will not aggro unless you attack, you will not take falling/lava damage, you can open any locked door, and *Guide* will appear by your name in /who all. If you die while your GM flag is on, you will not leave a corpse and will respawn with all your items.
#hideme [on/off]When on, your character will not be listed in /who or /who all and is invisible to players.
#goto [player|x y z]If a player name is specified, teleports you to the player in their current zone. If x/y/z are provided, teleports you to the specified coordinates in the current zone.
/goto nameTeleports you to the player or NPC located in the zone. Similar to #goto, but works both player and NPC names and works with partial matches. Only works if your GM flag is on.
#summon [player]If player name is provided, summons the player to your current zone and location. Otherwise, summons your target (player, NPC, or corpse) to your current location. If no name or target is provided, does nothing.
#zone <shortname>Teleports you to the safe point in a zone by shortname (e.g. “neriaka”, “gfaydark”, “sebilis”). If <shortname> is your current zone, moves you to the safe point without reloading.
Searches for a zone by partial name (to use with #zone)
Searches for spells by name
Searches for items by name
Summons an item by ID number onto your cursor
#giveitemSummons an item by ID number onto your target’s cursor
#level <n>Sets target player’s level
#lastnameChange target player’s last name
#titleChange target player’s title
#bindBind target player to their current location (ignores all restrictions)
#givemoney <plat>Give an amount of platinum to your target
#healRestores your target to 100% health
#manaRestores your target to 100% mana
#peekinvShows information about your target’s inventory, including bank
#listpetitionLists all open petitions
#viewpeition <n>View details about a petition by number
#petitioninfo <n>Displays additional metadata about a petition by number
#delpetition <n>Deletes a petition by number; only use for accidental, empty, or nonsensical petitions
#kick <charname>Disconnects the specified character immediately
#suspend <charname> <days>Temporarily bans <charname>’s account for a certain number of days
#ban <charname>Permanently bans <charname>’s account; GMs can followup with an IP ban if needed
#repop [force]Repops your current zone. If the “force” flag is added, all spawn timers are reset (named will immediately respawn). In general, we repop a zone once if a player complains about a lost mob due to warping, glitching, or depop (which can happen if the server thinks it detects hacking or use of MQ2 and due to certain bugs). Avoid repeatedly repopping a zone in a short period of time. Guides are empowered to respawn named mobs if they judge it appropriate.
#listList NPCs, players, ground spawns, doors, and other zone objects by name. Use by itself for help. Example: #list npcs froglok_forager
#corpseCorpse manipulation commands. Use by itself for help. Allows you to lock/unlock NPC corpses as well as manipulate player corpses.
#nameChanges your targeted player’s name.

NOTE: After changing a character’s name, post in #name-changes using the format “Oldname is now known as Newname.”
#depopInstantly depops your target NPC (does not leave a corpse). NPC will repop normally according to its spawn timer.
#nukeitem <id>Destroys an item by ID in your target player’s inventory (or bank)
#nukebuffsStrips your target of all buffs
#showskillsShows all your target player’s skills
#setskill <skill> <value>Sets the value of one of your target’s skills to the specified value.
Make Poison – 56, Tinkering – 57, Alchemy – 59, Baking – 60, Tailoring – 61, Blacksmithing – 63, Fletching – 64, Brewing – 65, Jewelry Making – 68, Pottery – 69
#movechar <char> <zone>Moves an offline character to the safe point in the specified zone. Has no effect if the character is online. Specify zone by short name (e.g. poknowledge).

EQEmu Reference Documentation: