Guide Program

Guides are volunteers that assist with customer service issues both in-game and on Discord. You can identify them in Discord by their purple names.

If you’re interested in joining the Guide Program, please contact a GM on Discord.

Class Advisors

Class advisors are experts in a certain class who advise GMs on issues relating to mechanics, balance, gear, and quests related to that class. There can be multiple advisors for each class. The intention of class advisors is to provide one way to ensure players have a voice and a role in the development of the server. Advisors can be identified in Discord by their green names.

Feedback and suggestions for GMs do not need to go through class advisors. We always welcome direct feedback.

Sulien, Head GM and Lead Developer

Sulien is a professional computer programmer with over 20 years of experience who now lives in California. He started playing EQ in 1999 with friends and spent so much time in the game that his college degree took 5 years (for real). One of his favorite memories is attending an EQ Con in Boston. His hobbies include running websites for a number of community and non-profit organizations, scuba diving, and overthinking everything.

Discord: Sulien#4817
sulien dot eq at gmail dot com

Want to Help Out?

Of course we welcome members of the community who want to help with the server! From Guide-like duties in-game to help with the database, we’re open minded. Just contact a GM on Discord.

Volunteers are given positions of trust on this server, so we may ask for references if we don’t already know you.